Refugee Integration

  • August 5, 2015


Simrishamn municipality tops the list of municipalities in Sweden that welcomes the most refugees relative to its population. Similar to many other communities, Simrishamn becomes aware of refugee arrivals only a short period of time beforehand. Therefore, it is difficult to find, collect and utilize necessary people and resources in the best possible way. Many different actors are involved in the refugee integration process and it is difficult to coordinate different activities, interests and responsibilities. Much time and effort is wasted in this reoccurring process. Our project consisted of two parts:

1. Investigate whether a visualization of different actors, responsibilities and possibilities, within refugee integration, in form of a web based platform, would facilitate coordination and cooperation between the actors involved in the refugee integration. This involved interviewing various key people connected to the integration process, including politicians, employees and volunteers. We also created a draft of such visualizing platform. We have continued to work on this platform after the summer.

2. Every Friday arrange activities and trips in the local area for refugee youths.

The Simrishamn project was both educational and inspiring in many ways and it was an exceptional way to get to know some of the many people fleeing their home countries as well as people who are struggling with the structural challenges our society is facing. For a complete report (in Swedish) on the project, click this link to read more.

The project continued even after the summer where a team from REACT cooperated with Västra Götalands Regionen regarding similar issues.