Wale Wale – Kenya

  • July 22, 2016

In the Summer of 2016 Emelie, Malin, Natalia, Anna and Julia, five students representing REACT, went to Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, which is one of the larges slum areas in the world, to participate in a project together with an organization called Wale Wale. Wale Wale is an NGO working with youths in Kibera, and is unique in its setup as it is built completely on the ownership of and participation from the youth. In order to create long-term sustainable impact on its youth, Wale Wale aims to build a new facility housing around 400 people. The five students from Chalmers helped them on their journey to accomplishing this through the following 4 part projects. To read the current situation at Wale Wale in Kenya regarding the part projects, klick on the links next to the project description.

  1. Pre-study of  how to obtain sustainable electricity – read it here
  2. Pre-study of how to obtain sustainable sanitation and use of water – read it here
  3. Pre-study of how to obtain sustainable waste disposal – read it here
  4. Local Entrepreneurship Education

REACT aims to create projects running over time and are planning to send other students to Wale Wale in Kenya next year. If it is of interest this project is possible to turn into a bachelor thesis. We are in contact with professors who are interested in supervising such thesis. However, all students at Chalmers, independently of year of attendance, are welcome to apply for the project. If you are interested please reach out to us for more information! Below you find a description of how the next project might be outlined.