REACT is a non-profit organization based at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. REACT started in 2014 and become a part of Chalmers Student Union (Chalmers Kårföreningar) in 2015, and has organized several projects and gatherings since then. Our mission is to enable students at Chalmers to take part in humanitarian projects, and projects related to preserving and strengthening nature and wildlife all over the world.

REACT ensures this by assigning Chalmers students to volunteering trips and projects related to development issues, but also by assisting students in finding Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis topics related to these issues. Thus, REACT ensures that the Chalmers students’ competence and knowledge gathered during their studies is expanded, with the goal of:

  • Creating actual value for people and society, as well as nature and wildlife.
  • Gaining increased awareness and experiences of different cultures and standards of living.
  • Obtaining practical experience within their specific field of study at Chalmers University of Technology

REACT does this by providing a network and a forum where students, companies, and other organizations already operating within this sphere, can meet to exchange knowledge, insight and ideas and to give rise to projects. Moreover, informative and engaging presentations, as well as workshops on related topics, are organized.

We know that there exists a great interest, both from students and companies, to aid in meaningful changes to society and the world. Therefore, our main goal is to make it easier for both parties to accomplish precisely this.