"Change the way students see your company,
by letting them see you through REACT."

Jakob Larsson, Treasurer

Get Involved as a Company!

REACT aims to link corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and students in order to enable projects and raise awareness about societal challenges. Our purpose is to help people with an engineering background contribute to a positive development in this area.

As a cooperation, you have the possibility to get in contact with students who are interested in and working with these issues: a context that is attracting ever more attention from both students and the wider society. While getting access to these contact points, you will at the same time support REACT in our work to raise awareness, as well as enable our upcoming projects.

Below, some examples of how you can get involved with our group are listed. To receive more detailed information about opportunities to cooperate, future projects and more, please get in touch with us!

Examples of collaboration opportunities

Let your employees get involved with students

As your employees contribute with their expertise and experience, they get to participate in important and satisfying work at the same time as they get an unusual personal contact with our students.

Lunch Lectures

Hold a lecture at Chalmers during lunch time about your company and perhaps about your work with CSR or about societal projects that you have participated in.

Logotype visible in information to students

We reach out to students at chalmers through many channels, such as TV-screens at campus, emails, posters, Facebook, webpage etc. By establishing a partnership with us, you can have the chance to have your logotype visible in our communication.

Sponsorship of a student

Make it possible for a specific student to participate in a project and get visibility in relation to all posted pictures of and updates about the student while working with the project.